Monday, July 13, 2009

Spot's Camping Trip

I bought this sticker story book few weeks ago while I was on leave but did not give it to Samuel until yesterday night. He was so happy to see the book and immediately he wanted to read it. He has a few Spot's book collection. He can read almost every word except for few. Although he can read pretty well, he does not understand what he reads fully.

Samuel requested to put the stickers at the correct position but I did not allow him to do so. I told him that he can do it today as it was getting late.

This morning, Samuel brought the book along with him when daddy sent him to school. On the way to school, he played with the stickers. He sticked them at the correct places in the book. When they reached the school, he just left the book in the car.

I went and picked him up after school. He was so excited when he saw me with his library book. Can you guess what book he had borrowed? Yes, is the same book that he was holding while he was on the way to the school - Spot's Camping Trip. It is a smaller version book with no stickers.

He read to me while on the way home. He finished the story before we reached home. Once reached home, he wanted to read it to me again. I asked him to read to Jesse instead :p

As of today, he had read the book at least 4-5 times.

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