Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Air Pollution?

Daddy noticed that Jesse has grown so much. Recently Jesse has been doing so many things that impresses daddy. Besides calling daddy a bear today, turning round and round, she also shows daddy that she learnt so many things.

Not long ago before mummy put Jesse to bed, daddy walked passed Jesse and noticed something amiss. It was quite striking and obvious because Jesse was holding on to a bright green mask. It is as though it was there is some kind of an outbreak (H5N1, SARS, etc..) that Jesse was wearing a respirator mask (a fashionable one too, but green??) hehe

It doesnt take long before daddy notices what exactly it was. Now, where did that green mask come from?

Please look below (hehehe)

Not long after that, daddy was amazed at Jesse putting the hands, ears, shoes, cap for Mr. Potato. She can do it all by herself and spending time concentrating on putting them all together. Pretty impressive for a daddy's little baby girl, Jesse. hehe.

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