Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Buzy ?

Last weekend, besides bring the children to music and swimming classes, I was busy watching HK series. My eyes were hooked to the series until I have forgotten to blog, hahaha. Now that I have finished the series, I should have time for blogging again. (Although I feel like watching another series hehehe)

Their swimming classes resume last Sunday and daddy had the honour to be with them. Although, I should be able to swim after 3w of lasik, I am still not very comfortable going into water. Will post some photos later.

Now, we are busy preparing Samuel's 4th Birthday. Besides celebrating his birthday in school, we will throw a party for him at our house. Since our weekends are pretty tight, we shall have the party on a Sunday night.


Mummy to QiQi said... to wait till yur eyes really heal before going into the chlorine pool again ;P

slavemom said...

I'm sure the b'day child loves to hv 2 celebrations. The more the better. :)
Hv u found the paper bags? The ones with strings r easier to find but they're more costly.

Jess said...

u should rest more too instead of watching too much TV! hahaha....

mybabybay said...

TV series can be very addictive. :P

Alicia said...

i think its healed oredi but just dat the vision still not 100%

haha not onli they like to celebrate, they like to attend bday party too hehe no la still cant get those paper bag but i think we going to use box instead

i oso dun noe y i started watching series, once i start i cant stop hahaha

yeh reli wanna keep continuing took me 4days to fnish 20 episods

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