Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birthday Preparations

For the past 2 days, we have been busy thinking of how we want to celebrate Samuel's 4th Birthday. Besides celebrating it in school with his classmates, we will also invite some church members to his birthday party which we have decided to hold it at home.

We have selected a theme for his birthday party - Veggie Tales. Since he loves to sing Veggie Tales Silly Songs, we decided to choose this as the party theme. After selecting the theme, we started to think of invitation cards, decorations,games and party packs for his party.

Daddy suggested to do a Bob the tomato picture as his invitation. After giving much thought, we went and search for the suitable papers. We found this foam coloured paper which we think is suitable for Bob.

We printed a sample from website in an A4 paper, then we put the picture on top of the foam and cut accordingly. It is not difficult to do but its very tedious. We have to cut red body, eye lid and nose, white eye and mouth and green top. After cutting few of those, we tried to make Bob.

Samuel, who is not really interested in Bob kept asking for Larry the cucumber. He loves Larry as compare to Bob as Larry is green in colour (his favourite colour). As we were busy doing Bob, we did not give in to his request.

After doing one as an invitation sample, I felt that we can put in as a craft for the children in the party bag. All we need to do is to cut out the shapes and they will do it themselves. Daddy doesn't agree to the idea. Instead we are thinking of doing it as a fridge magnet, though it might look big.

This morning before Samuel went to school, he ran downstairs to the table in the living room to look for Bob the Tomato. He wanted to bring Bob to school but daddy convinced him that daddy will do Larry the Cucumber later today. In the end, both daddy and mummy made Larry the cucumber together. Samuel was so happy to see Larry but daddy didn't allow Samuel to take both Bob and Larry as they are the 1st samples that both daddy and mummy made.
Since both Bob and Larry looks quite nice, daddy and mummy decided to pack them into the party packs to be given away instead of using them as invitation cards.

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slavemom said...

Mummy n daddy r vy hardworking! So much effort put into Samuel's party. He's one lucky boy!

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