Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lasik : Part I Pre Surgery

I have scheduled for lasik surgery 3 weeks before we went back to KL. I requested to have my surgery performed on the same day of the checkup.

We went to the clinic in the morning. The staff checked, briefed and explained the lasik procedures before the doctor came. When the Dr came, he explained to us again in more detail about the processes.

The clinic has 2 types of lasik. Both processes are the same. The only difference is, one is customized to the individual's eyes, while the other is standard. It is advisable for those who has higher short sighted power to choose the customized option as the standard option might cause slight spherical distortions causing some to see 2 thin close lines as 1 thin line. Since they are celebrating their annivesary, the standard lasik costs only RM2,888 and the customized option costs RM5,588.

While I was there, the staff put some eye drops on my eyes. I was given an eye drop for the purpose of dilating the pupils. My vision became blur after applying the eye drops. After the Dr checked my eyes, I was requested to put another eye drop every 2 hours until its time for my surgery. This is to help resume my pupils to the normal size after the dilation.

Late afternoon, I was not very comfortable. Not only my vision became very blur, I also experienced some headache.

I went back to the clinic at 6pm for the surgery. I still have not decided which lasik option to choose before the surgery. After putting some thoughts, I decided to choose the customized lasik as my power is on the higher side.


chanelwong said...

I went through it...initially during recovery quite uncomfortable but for a short while only...

Sasha said...

my husband did the Zap Zap lasik and he can see better than me now. The first few days very uncomfortable but later it will be better. Dun worry.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, so expensive!!

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