Monday, July 28, 2008

"Garbage? Not!" Whats that?

Many came across our blog on "Garbage? Not!" left some interesting comments. hehe

1. Wow... u guys planning to open a mini mart ah? kekeke
2. Wow... How many ppl are you feeding?
3. How often do you do grocery shopping?

hehehe... Just to help clear the curiousity... We are not planning to open a mini mart. It is also not for Samuel's birthday bash.. hehehe..

We do our grocery shopping once a week and of course it doesn't need 6 to 7 trolleys.. hehehe..

The many plastic bags and trolleys of stuff are turned into goodie bags as in the picture below:

More plastic bags. hehehe.

A sample of the content in the goodie bags

We (Daddy, mummy and Samuel) has been helping out a "community serving organization" to prepare goodie bags for 200 child. These goodie bags are donated to the Child Development Centre of Brunei.

Can you imagine how happy these children would be when they receive these goodie bags?


mybabybay said...

Wow 200 children. Bravo to you! What a way to share the joy with other children.

huisia said...


4 of Us