Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shameful Mummy

This morning before daddy sent Samuel to school, daddy found out that he has Chinese homework. Quickly we grabbed Samuel to sit down and coached him with his homework. He never had any homework during weekdays. Usually homeworks are only handed out on a Saturday. And this was the first time he has Chinese homework.

One of the pages of his homework was for him to match the words with the pictures. It may look easy but both mummy and daddy doesnt know all of them. Mummy's mind was blank at one second. Later daddy found out that the other book has some similar words and that's where we found out the words.

We don't think it is appropriate for us to send him to Chinese Primary School. Even if we send him for Chinese tuition we will still need to coach him in his homework. We can't read chinese words.


kien theng said...

i think you should not give up letting him learning Chinese. it is too precious. in US , people are encouraging american to learn chinese

mybabybay said...

Hehehe...I am in the same shoe. I will Google for answers to help them. Anyway I am sending both my children to kebangsaan. I don't want to deprive myself of teaching them.

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