Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seasons Themed Week

Samuel in his raincoat

Last Saturday we dressed Samuel in his raincoat in conjunction with seasons themed week. Every student has to explain and present to the class what season they are dressed for. Daddy and mummy wonders how and what Samuel presented infront of his class as we did not rehearse him at all. Daddy and mummy only mentioned to Samuel that he was dressed in a raincoat because it is rainy season.

Initially we were thinking of the four seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) but it was quite inappropriate.

Summer = lightly dressed (daddy was afraid that Samuel will feel cold in his airconditioned class)
Winter = winter clothings with gloves and all (too hot even in an airconditioned class)
Autumn & Spring would not be so distinctive

Being in a tropical country, the rainy season is common.

If only we can be more creative, daddy would have dressed Samuel as a "durian". hehehe Durian Season. :D

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slavemom said...

U guys r really creative. I can oni think of the 4 seasons, but u guys thot of Durian season samo. hehehe

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