Monday, July 14, 2008

Lasik : Part II Surgery

I wanted for my surgery to be done in the evening, as advised by a friend. Before I had my surgery, I had a few drops of anaesthetic. Then we waited to be called into the operations theatre. By the time i am called in, my visions were very blur.

We went in the surgery when the doctor and his assistants were ready. Daddy was there throughout the whole surgery and he took some photos as well.

When we went in, the doctor requested me to lie down on a movable bed. He asked if I know what he's going to do. Then, he used some transparent tape to stick my eyelids to open my eyes wide. After that, the doctor inserted a "clip" to open the eyes even wider. The doctor constantly informs me before he does anything.

First, he used something to create a suction on my eyes. This made me blacked out for a while. Then, he cut my cornea to create a flap. Gosh, this was soooo painful and scary!! After the flap was opened, I have my vision back and he requested me not to move.

After which, there was some form of light going into my eyes. This was not painful. Although the doctor did mentioned that during the laser, we will smell something burning, (daddy did smell it) I did not smell anything unusual.

The doctor started off with my right eye. During the laser process, he kept asking me not to move. I have been trying very hard not to move my eyeball and I thought I did not move at all. Because of the movement, the laser took abit longer. If there's a movement, the laser will stop automatically. After the laser, he cleaned my eyes with alot of water. Then, puts the flap back in place.

After doing the right eye, the doctor repeated the same procedures with my left eye.

All in all, the surgery took longer than I expected it to be. In total, the surgery was about 45 minutes.

Once the surgery completed, I was brought to a room to rest for awhile.


Mummy to QiQi said...

eh, Alicia, i tot Lasik is very simple procedure (just sit in front of the machine and *puff* done?)

and u manage to capture pic of this, WOW!!

mybabybay said...

Huh??!! You mean you can feel the pain during the surgery. Hearing you describe it, it is so scary. My friend told me no pain at all and very fast.

Alicia said...

chinnee & michelle,
tis is exactly wat i tot, sit in front of the machine and during the process there is NO PAIN else i will reli consider, my fren who went thru the same process told me she doesnt feel the pain, i think it depends, laser time is short, each eye take about 3m but the whole process take at least 30m
daddy was there told me it looks so scary and he has to reconsider if he wants to do it hahahah

chanelwong said...

wow you hubby was there to take photo...

I went pain during surgery wor...

alicia said...

yes hubby was there to take photos hehehe... i guess my eyes r more sensative so i feel the pain

Anonymous said...

hey, which lasik center u went to? oh my god, they allow you all to take picture?? and Alvin still dare to go for the surgery after watching wat they did to your eyes?? he is really brave.. I nvr seen any lasik picture b4, glad that i did it before i saw these pictures, else i might not dare to do it!

slavemom said...

Eeee... so scary one! Ok... I can forget abt this edi. hehehe So the pain level depends on individual. But I thot u were given anaesthetic? Not effective huh?

Alvin said...

hehe SJ, its Advanced Vision in damansara utama... actually the photo looks kinda scary la.. but in reality its not that bad la... it only hurts (breaks my heart) when alicia holds my hands tight during the surgery telling me that she's in pain..

Alicia said...

i was given anaesthetic but yet still feel pain i think coz my eyes sensative

Baby Smooches said...

oh, looking at this makes me squeamish... now, you must be seeing things clearer than before.

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