Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Samuel's Lunch

We are glad that our temporary maid can cook. She cooks well too. We do not need to tell her what to cook for the family. Usually she cooks once in the morning when Jesse had her nap. We will have the same food for lunch and dinner. But she will boil porridge for Jesse again when she takes her nap in the afternoon.

Since Samuel is a fussy eater, if we have rice as meal, she will cook Samuel's dishes separately, unless we have noodles.

This is what Samuel takes for lunch today. A bowl of meehoon with fish fingers and cheesy tomato nuggets as side dishes. His appetite has grown and we are happy that he put on some weight. If we feed him the food he likes, he can finish it in less than 30minutes, else it will take him at least an hour.


huisia said...

good to have a "chef" liked maid :)

Alicia said...

tis is the onli thing she is good at

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