Saturday, March 21, 2009

3 Down

It looks like Samuel's virus has spread to daddy and Jesse. On Thursday, daddy started to feel nauseas but his condition is under control. He is still on medication. Jesse started to vomit and has fever since yesterday. She is still having fever this morning.

Samuel is still not fully recovered yet. He still vomitted yesterday evening after his dinner. He was much better since Thursday, but he was only taking porridge until yesterday dinner. We gave him rice and I guess he still couldn't digest properly. Not long after his dinner, he threw up.

I hope everyone can get well soon, we are leaving Brunei today for a week holiday back to KL.


huisia said...

Hope 3 of them get well soon and have a safe trip back to KL!

MommyAngel said...

Oh ... hopefully everyone will recover soon! Take care and enjoy your holiday in KL to the fullest!!

renet13 said...

the viral tingy is something that will worry & frustrate mommies...making them feel helpless cz there's nothing much to be done. not even the antibiotics cz there are virus not bacteria. Just have plenty of rest, drink lots of water , hav lots of fresh air to bring up immune system & stay away frm crowded area.

Speedy recovry to all the trio!

mybabybay said...

Enjoy yourself in KL!

MeRy said...

Hope the 3 of them will get well soon!! Takecare n enjoy ur hlday trip.

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