Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Samuel + Jesse On Plane

Both our kids has many experiences travelling on the plane. We were never worried about them. So far, so good. But this time, Jesse was very afraid. To the extend that, once we got on the plane, she kept requesting to go to the toilet. I think she asked to pee about 5x while alot of passenger is still boarding the plane.

It was not difficult for me to bring her to the toilet as we were sitting almost at the end of the plane, which is near the toilet. Out of the many times going to the toilet, she only pee-d once.

After trying to comfort her, she was willing to sit on her own. One hand holding her Minnie Mouse soft toy, while the other hand holding on to my hand tightly. I can see that she was very afraid. After we started taking off, she was alright.

While Jesse was worried and afraid, Samuel, who was sitting on my right, on the next row with the maid was very excited and kept asking us when is the plane flying.

Both did not sleep until we landed :0 Samuel dozed off just after we landed, while taking off his seat belt o_O We tried to wake him up but he couldn't open his eyes. Daddy has to carry him, while I carried Jesse.

When we left KL, Jesse was much easier to manage. She was afraid initially but after a while she was alright. She no longer need to hold my hand for comfort or ask to go to toilet :p

Worried face during our flight going to KL

Happy faces when we left KL

Samuel again was very noisy when he was on the plane and we can see that he really enjoyed himself on the plane. He even made alot of funny faces for daddy when daddy was taking his photos.


mybabybay said...

Both of them looks like they are having fun on the airplane.

If you allowed them to have lollipop, you can let them have it on the airplane. It will reduce ear pressure and take away their fear. Food is always the best. :P

MommyAngel said...

Oh .... your Jesse is so 'kuai' ah? That's good. Although Angel is always on the plane since she was 3 months old but sadly to say that until today, she will still fuss fuss and fuss on the plane coz she wants to run up and down the aisle :(

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