Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome Diapers

Jesse peed on her bed 3 nights in a row. We started to stop her night diaper on the 25/2 and she has her 1st wet on 3/3.

For the past 3 nights, not only we have to change her pants, we have to change her mattress and blanket as well. 2 nights ago, she wet herself and the mattress at about 12am. I woke up at 215am and notice my comforter was wet but Jesse's pants was dry. At 230am, she woke up and wanted to pee. Within this 2.5hours, she peed 3 times. Yesterday, we put on Drybees cloth diaper for her. As expected, she peed and wet her mattress again!

Tonite, we are going to be more prepared. We will put rubber mat in between the mattress and the bedsheet. I certainly hope the mattress will not be wet again. o_O


mybabybay said...

Give her more time.

slavemom said...

Is she drinking too much water near to bedtime?

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