Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jerudong Park Playground

Last Saturday, we brought our little ones to Jerudong Park Playground. We went there about 5 pm. We started playing at the playground (swings, slides, see saw) before enjoying ourselves on the other fun rides.

Daddy and Samuel went on the Junior Sky Diver ride. Jesse didn't want to sit on the ride so I have wait for daddy and Samuel with her. We then went for the Caterpillar ride before we played the Bumper car. We were on the bumper car ride for about 10 minutes non stop. We felt it was abit boring taking such a long ride and decided to stop. So, we left the bumper car and Samuel wanted to play at the shooting gallery.

Since Samuel enjoyed the Junior Sky Diver ride very much, I decided to ride with him. After the ride, mummy felt dizzy. After the skydiver, we went to ride on the carousel. Then we headed to the mini amphitheatre for a rest before the magic show started at 7 pm. After we magic show, we left the playground and went home.


2ma said...

i hv been to this park a few years ago. the park is great with all the cool rides. i did enjoyed myself. is the park still free for all?

mybabybay said...

I heard it is free right?

Alicia said...

2ma & michelle,
it used to be free many years ago, but now need to pay. $1 for entrance, $5 for adult on all rides, $3 for children

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