Sunday, March 29, 2009

Malaysian Airlines, MH = Malaysian Hospitality?

We had a short trip back to KL last Sunday, via Miri. We travelled to Miri on Saturday evening, after Samuel & Jesse's music class. We stayed a night at daddy's colleague's house in Miri.

We left Miri on Sunday morning at 11.30am via Malaysia Airlines (MAS). We decided to travel by MAS although it was slightly more expensive compared to Airasia as we thought the services are better.

We were so wrong. Upon checking in, I requested for children's meals and the ground crew told me that they do not have children's meals. I know MAS used to serve children's meals, that is why we requested it but I thought because of the bad times, they do not serve it anymore. We were told that they only have "sarapan". Serving breakfast for lunch? (11.30am - 1.40pm flight)

Not only they gave us the wrong information, the ground crew who gave us our boarding passes also gave us 3 different rows of seats. She told us that since we did not buy the tickets together, she can't give us the seats on the same row. o_O
A family travelling together with little ones sitting in 3 different rows?? She's got to be kidding!

The MAS online tickets only allows us to purchase a maximum of 4 tickets at the same time. How do they expect us to buy the tickets together when there are 5 of us travelling? As there are 3 adults and 2 children, does she expect 1 adult sitting with 2 children while the other 2 adults sitting at a different seperate rows? I told her we wanted to have the same row next to each other. She changed it for us without any other questions.

When we were on the plane, I saw the air stewardess serving other children, children's meals. We were so dissapointed when I approached one of them and they said we did not request for it! We requested and the ground crew told us there were no children's meals. Can you feel our dissapointment when we saw other children having their own children meals while ours doesn't. We paid more than RM100 extra as compared to Airasia for better services but this is what we got. The normal meals are spicy (ayam masak merah, etc), so my children only had bread for lunch.

We requested for a suggestion form to lodge our dissapointment.

To make things worse, our dissapointment did not stop when we were going to KL.

Before we boarded our flight from KL back to Miri, while we were in KLIA (one of the largest airport in Asia) we were told (and its printed on our boarding passes) to board from Gate B11 (at the very end of KLIA airport)

When we reached Gate B11, we were told that we are to board from Gate A10. Which is the other far end!! o_O. They only announced the change of boarding gate 15 minutes before boarding time. What happened??

Although Jesse is considered light for her age, she is still heavier than a bag of 10kg rice. Walking from one end to the other end carrying her is no kidding.

To test our patience even more, we did not get our children's meals AGAIN!!
Yes, they only had bread for our little ones AGAIN!
We were told, by the air stewardess, this time there were no records at all for children's meals on board. Does that mean, the ground crew did not even bothered to attend to our request? We made very sure it was clear this time when we checked in.

So, how does MAS prove itself to be MH (Malaysian Hospitality)? Or has Malaysian Hospitality changed so drastically over the years?

Isn't it an insult to Malaysian Hospitality when they associate Malaysia Airlines (MAS) as
MH = Malaysian Hospitality ?

We sent in 2 comment letters and we are now waiting for their reply. We shall see if there is going to be any replies.


2ma said...

this is bad!!! yeah, complained about it!!! they have to do something

MommyAngel said...

I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience and if I were you, I will be blowing my top as well. We pay for better service and yet, no kids meal for kids, children and kids sitting separately?? Gosh ..... what kind of service is that but I am not surprised though coz I heard a lot of unpleasant experience with our MAS services! Hope they will give you a good explanation about this and see what they come up with. Good luck!

BTW, will you be taking MAS in future again? :P

chanelwong said...

You write official complain for this...

mybabybay said...

Usually you request for child meal at the purchase of the ticket for most airlines.

I discovered that because my admin mixed up my meal and ordered vegetarian diet for me at the purchase of the ticket and I had difficulty changing it. The ground crew will not entertain because all the meals are pre-ordered.

Mummy to QiQi said...

stupid isnt it? just like when i wanna check in hotel online. tell me can check in only max 2 rooms...sigh...if go with extended family, how?

anyhow, welcome back here and hope u have a good trip.

renet13 said...

MALAYSIA semua pun TAK Boleh!

SAmuel so bubbly!

So did u smuggle the blanket that Jesse was using as a souvenir frm Malaysia Hospitality? Ahem!!

Alicia said...

2ma, dun think they will do anything as they have not responded to us

Mommy angel, i will only travel MAS if they r the CHEAPEST! cant complaint if they r cheap but lousy service

chanel, i think by next week they did not respond to us we will write to them again

michelle, yes usually upon purchase of ticket but since we buy online i did not call them to order the meal and the air stewardess told us that we can order upon checking in, anyway she also mentioned to us the ground crew actually mix up all the orders for the children on plane

chinnee, ya some reli doesnt make sense

irene, hehehe i agree all also TAK BOLEH!! i will make sure i keep the "souvenir" the next time, if there is a next time

slavemom said...

I thot they've improved over time. Somehow still far from 100% reliable.

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