Wednesday, May 6, 2009


About a month ago, while we were on our way home after we picked Samuel from his music class he said, "Mummy ah, I cannot see you. See, I cannot see you. I cannot open my eyes, afterwards my eyes spoil. Then I cannot see mummy, daddy, Jesse and kakak (maid)."

So, I have to sacrifice myself. I offered him my sunglasses. I put it on for him and he was grinning ear to ear.

A week later, we decided to get him a pair of sunglasses. We brought the kids to Mothercare to choose a pair of sunglasses each. Both tried on a few different sunglasses happily looking at the mirror. We chose 1 each and asked if they like it. Samuel was happy and wanted the sunglasses we choosen. Jesse, being the choosy one doesn't like any. Since she said no to all of them, we decided not to get her any.

When we left Mothercare, while in the car, I asked Samuel to put on his sunglasses. Jesse then started to make noise wanted to take Samuel's sunglasses. She wanted it just because "it is his" and not because she wanted the sunglasses. I offered mine, she doesn't want it. We let her cry and she got over with it.


huisia said...

girl sometimes can cry without reason o...

Sasha said...

hahah its always like that between siblings. Always want something that doesn't belong to ourself.

mybabybay said...

Hehehe..some how the brother's one is always better.

RayBan Junior Sunglasses said...

Wow, The child is looking lovely with the sunglasses on.

2ma said... handsome!!! good choice!

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