Sunday, May 3, 2009

School Family Day - Part I

This morning, Joyful Kids Montessori School had their school family day in Bukit Shah Bandar. This event is an event organized by the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) and I'm one of the organisers.

We woke up early to get the children ready to go to Bukit Shah Bandar. When we were getting ready, it was drizzling a little and we were wondering if the family day was still on. Anyway, we still went ahead to Bukit Shah Bandar and it was an unexceptionally good weather. It was not as hot as the other days because it was cloudy and it drizzled earlier.
When we arrived, Samuel and Jesse immediately ran towards the children and they went to the wooden hut "stage" area.

Photos of Samuel and Jesse at the wooden hut "stage" area.

Samuel, Jesse, Shireen, Matthew, Grace and Tania running together

Samuel and Jesse Exercizing (Stretching)

Mummy stretching with Samuel and Jesse

Samuel and Jesse enjoying their donuts

Before we started the family picnic, all the children did some stretching exercise. After 5 minutes of stretching, we had 30 minutes of picnic before we proceeded to the games. We did not bring alot of food, only donuts and milo drink :p but we had alot of food as alot of parents offered us their food too. We even had sushi as this Japanese parent was sitting right behind us :)

We were divided into 4 groups, White, Blue, Green and Green. We were told what colour group we belong to before the day and has to wear the shirts colour according to our assigned team to differentiate the different groups. We were in the White team.


mybabybay said...

Is that an international school. I saw the gwailo in the picture.

Sasha said...

that's a nice event and looks like everyone had fun

huisia said...

everyone had fun there..
jesse very pretty!

Mummy to QiQi said...

nice school :)

Alicia said...

michelle, nah its just another private school but there are alot of nationality in this school, german, american, japanese, korean..etc

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