Monday, May 4, 2009

School Family Day - Part II

There were lots of games during this family day. Samuel really enjoyed the games.

1. Egg and Spoon Game
We have 6 children at each end. One child will hold the egg on the spoon and walk from one end to the other end and transfer the egg from one spoon to another, without any help or using hands. But of cause, some used their hands :p

2. Jesse, Mummy and Samuel playing the 3 legged race

I partnered Samuel for this 3 legged race. As Jesse was very attached to me, I have to carry her while Samuel and i were practicing walking with 3 legs. During the race, I asked daddy to carry Jesse. It was such a relieve that she was ok with daddy.

3. Balloon Race

Daddy played the balloon race. Samuel will have to bring a balloon and run to daddy at the other end. Daddy will then blow the balloon and then sit on it till it burst.

4. Throwing balls into the bucket

Daddy volunteered to catch the balls with the bucket for our white team. The children will take turns to throw the balls into the bucket. Daddy was asked to stand on the newspaper and was only allowed to move within the newspaper to catch the balls. Samuel was so happy throwing the balls into the bucket.

5. Filling the bottle

The children were asked to take the sponge from a bucket full of water, run to the other end, then squeeze the water out from the sponge to up fill the bottle. After each game, all the children were given a smiley sticker. At the end of the games, Samuel has 7 of them, 5 from the teachers and he found 2 on the floor.

Daddy brought Jesse back with the maid after the 4th game, as we stay 5 minutes away from home. Jesse fell asleep between the games. Although she did not play any of the games, she still got 5 smiley stickers :)

It was fun yet tiring Sunday morning. By late afternoon, I can feel that my biceps are in pain. I have been carrying Jesse for long in the morning.


Sasha said...

gosh i was wondering how on earth are u gonna carry jesse and also play the 3 legged game. Then u said u pass jesse to daddy, otherwise not only yr biseps pain now. Back also senget man

mybabybay said...

You are such a good sport. Hahaha...for me, i run far far away.

renet13 said...

aui, daddy & mommy look so young & youthful there like baru Pak toh more than parents to 2 lovely kids!

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