Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jesse's Trial Ballet Class

Both daddy and mummy has been excited to send Jesse for ballet classes. Jesse has been very enthusiastic about dancing, daddy and mummy thinks she will enjoy ballet classes and will be cute little ballerina.

Last Saturday, daddy & mummy brought Jesse to Regina Ballet Studio for the baby ballet trial class. Most of the little girls are about 4 years old. There are only 4 little ones who are 2-3 years old.

Looking at the moves and ballet steps the little girls do at ease, Jesse still can't do most of it. I guess she's still too young compared to the seasoned little girls. hehe.

Some of the photos of Jesse in her first ballet class.


Sasha said...

aw she look so cute holdingthe teddy bear! maybe u should dress her in pink skirt to attend the class then she'll get into the mood more.

mybabybay said...

Why jeans for ballet class? Should dress her up. :P

huisia said...

hey, so cute la..having girl really a special thing!

MeRy said...

Jesse seem enjoying the dancing session.

slavemom said...

Can't wait to c her in pink leotards n tutus.

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