Sunday, May 24, 2009

Samuel & Friends

Samuel has 4 very close friends from school and 4 of them are girls! He has been asking us to invite his friends over to our home to play with him. I told him to invite them by himself and he did it. He told me that he invited 4 of them over but I was in doubt until one of the parents told me about it.

We then started to invite his friends over to play with him. His close friends from school are Shireen, Grace, Tania & Min Sze. Out of the 4 of them, so far we have invited 3 to our home. They are Shireen, Grace and Tania.

We are thinking of inviting some boys over to play with him too.

It is good to invite friends over to play with our little ones because we are an expat family who doesn't have any family or cousins here in Brunei. It is good to let our little ones grow up and play with friends :)


slavemom said...

Wah... he's got so many girlfrens. hehehe

mybabybay said...

Looks like he is a charmer.

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