Saturday, May 30, 2009

Children's Musical Talents

I have never wondered how it would be, until i am a parent of 2 little ones. This phase of my life has changed me tremendously and my whole world now revolves around God and my family.

As Samuel and Jesse are both 4 and 2 years old now, they start to show interest in the things they like. From a very young age, Samuel has been very interested in music. He is extremely sensitive to sound and particular about the "right and wrong" about different tune of music.

Jesse on the other hand has been attending baby music classes since she was only a few months old.

Now, Jesse is already 2 years old, she is still attending her music classes. She started 2 terms of child music class and simply loves it.

Comparing Jesse to Samuel, i noticed that Samuel seems to be alot more confident and talented in music. However, Jesse enjoys the music more than she shows how good she is in music. :)

Samuel attends another music school now. To our surprise, the teachers approached daddy last term to let him know that Samuel is the 1st child his age to be identified to be perfect pitch. Initially, daddy was kinda sceptical but being a parent, he was very happy and thanked God for His blessings.

Being an asian parent of 2 little ones, i believe strongly that if we have the means to do so, we will definitely let our children attend child music education at a very young age.

Now, I can see how excited Jesse is, everytime we get her ready to go for her music classes.

Being parents to our little ones, when our children pursue something that they love, we will encourage them and feel a warmth feeling in our hearts.


Mummy to QiQi said...

good that u find out about Samuel's talent from young. and best of all, he has a sister who knows how to enjoy music together, isnt that great?

2ma said...

i will definitely agree with you!

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