Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sleeping Alone

Samuel sleeping in his own room (3 years old)

Samuel has been sleeping on his own, in his room before he turns 3. We will only allow him to sleep with us in our room when it rains heavily as he is afraid of loud sounds.

Most of the nights he asks me, "Why I cannot sleep with you?", or "Can I sleep with you?". About a month ago, I decided to let him sleep with us once a week, on Saturday nights. I feel that he can sleep soundly and he will feel more secure sleeping in our room.

Now, he looks forward to Saturdays. He will remind us on a Friday or Saturday that he will be sleeping in our room. Two weeks ago, I found out that not only he wants to sleep in our room, he actually wants to sleep with mummy. He wants mummy by his side.


kien theng said...

is the bolster made by mom, she made one exactly the same for hannah as well..

mybabybay said...

For me, it is me that wants to sleep with them...kekeke.

Sasha said...

good idea to let him sleep with u once a week. At least he will appreciate and look forward to sleeping with u guys.

miche said...

Let him sleep with you time when he married d, u will long to sleep with him. by that time, no chance d. haha.

Btw, Happy Mother's Day to you too. =D

huisia said...

still a mommy's boy!
Happy MOther's day Alicia.

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