Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Her Favourite Hanky

Since baby, Jesse prefers hanky than pacifier. Her soother will be her hanky. She likes and will do with any type of hankies. When she was 1+, she started to like only a certain specific type of hankies. There are a few occassions that she wakes up middle of the night crying for that particular hanky. Only after that incident, we realised that she only like those specific hankies.

We only have 4 of them. We bought these hankies when Samuel was 1 years old. We kept some of those and only started using it when Jesse was born.
If we ever loose these hankies, it actually means we're waiting for a disaster to happen... anytime... There was one occasion when we were swimming with Samuel & Jesse in the clear waters of Manukan Island, we lost one of Jesse's hanky. It was so precious we literally had to snorkel and dive to look for that hanky. (Not exegerating at all)
Now, only 1 of it is in good condition, the rest should be thrown away into the dustbin. We can't throw it away until we find the new replacements. I think we got it from Carrefour Subang about 4 years ago. These are simple "made in china" type of hankies and I don't think that they still have it. We have been hunting for these hankies when we were back in KL recently, but we couldn't find it.

One of my friends who came over to visit us while we were in KL saw her hanky and I told her about it. After I returned to Brunei, she told me that she saw her niece holding a similar hanky. She told me that her sister bought it from pasar malam. I never thought that pasar malam sells hankies :p Without thinking, I got her buy some for me.

About a month ago, not long after we came back from KL, we went to Giant for grocery shopping. Before we started shopping, we went and check if we could find Jesse's favourite hankies.
To our biggest surprise, daddy was so jumping for joy to find some similar hankies. The picture in the hanky is slightly different from her favourite ones and it is smaller in size as compared to hers. We showed it to Jesse but she doesn't want it and still prefers her old hanky (she was holding her hanky at that time). We decided to buy a pack (6 in 1).

We are happy that she now likes her new hanky, if she doesn't see her old ones. If given a choice, she will still choose her old hankies. Since she is happy and will do with the new hankies, daddy quickly bought another pack for stock keeping :)

These days she is no longer as attached to her hankies as in the previous months. At times, she can sleep without holding her hanky but sometimes she will wake up middle of the night asking for her hanky.

Jesse's Precious Hanky


mybabybay said...

The old one has her smell i think, just like a security blanket.

annie said...

so cute. you're lucky it's the hankies she's looking for. my girl goes for her thumb. been trying to discourage her but to no avail =(

once she tried very hard to sleep without sucking her thumb (poor girl). after two nites, she gave up and back to thumb sucking. sigh... at least she tried!!

2ma said...

the hanky is definitely better than the pacifier. am sure jesse will outgrow her addiction to her hanky soon *hehe*


Its ok lah, at least hanky dont look as ugly as chuit-chuit.

Mummy to QiQi said...

at least it is nicer to hold a hanky than a nappy, hehe...

slavemom said...

My kids r hanky lover too. Can't sleep w/o them when they were younger. Now didi will want it occasionally.

Kennis said...

Those i bought is similar to what's in ur photo....just diff pix...don't forget to claim it from me when u back to kl yar!

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