Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Member In The Family

No, no, no ! I'm not pregnant :)

Our sponsored child, Yang Mei Ying, born on 10th May 1998, lives in China. Mei Ying lives with her grandfather who is old and struggles to provide for the family.

Mei Ying comes from a small family and is an only child, Her parents have disappeared. Her family is not able to trace them. Mei Ying lives in Yongsheng, a district in south western China.

We hope by sponsoring Mei Ying, we can help lift Mei Ying and her community out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

It would be good if you can help one of them. I'm sure if you are willing to, you will be able to help as well.

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mybabybay said...

Congrats!!! Great to know that people cares. I have an adopted child in India.

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