Wednesday, June 24, 2009

5 Minute Drawings

Yesterday morning while I was trying to put Jesse to nap, I asked Samuel to do some drawing. I told him to draw 4 animals, fish, chick, frog and pig. I asked him to refer and draw the animal drawings from a book. I told Samuel that if he couldn't draw, just carry on, and I will help him later. I thought by the time he finishes his drawing, Jesse would have fallen asleep and I will be there to assist him in the painting.

So, I went upstairs and put Jesse to sleep. 5 minutes later, Samuel came up and showed me his drawing. I really underestimated him in his drawing. I expected him to finish it in about 15-20 minutes and did not expect him to finish it in just 5 minutes. So, I went down and got him to draw another 4 animals. Again, in less than 5 minutes, he came to me showing me his drawing. I told him to continue drawing another 4 pictures. He came to me again after finishing it and Jesse still wasn't asleep yet.

He repeatedly came up until he finished 16 animal drawings (coming up to show me his 4 pages of drawings, 4 times in total). After that, I got him the colour pencils and asked him to colour the pictures. By the time Jesse was asleep, he was still colouring. He continued colouring and I went to take the watercolour for him to paint.

These are the drawings and colouring he did while I put Jesse to bed.


michelle said...

Maybe all him to draw all the animals in Noah's Ark...hehehe.

slavemom said...

He can draw vy well! And vy fast too. ;)

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