Wednesday, June 10, 2009

KOOL (Kids Of Our Lord) Picnic

1st June, Monday, we decided to join the Kids Of Our Lord (KOOL) Family Picnic. We drove to Angel Beach, Tutong. It is about 20 minutes drive away from our home.

We told Samuel a day before (Sunday) about the beach picnic. He woke up at 7am on Monday morning and asked me, "Is it Monday?" I told him "Yes" and he asked, "Are we going to the beach?". He was sooo excited.

We reached the beach at about 9.45am and alot of them were already there. We waited for awhile before it started. All the children were requested to gather around while one of the teachers was telling them story.

As it was Jesse's nap time, she was very tired. She stayed awake throughout the picnic. After the story, we rested on the hammock. Both Samuel and Jesse enjoyed the hammock.

While Jesse was hammock-ing, daddy went to get some food for both Samuel and me. After eating, Samuel quickly went and joined the children playing sand. They wanted to do a volcano. :)

While Samuel was still playing the sand, Jesse got out of the hammock and had her usual porridge.

When Jesse finished her porridge and Samuel, his volcano, we started packing up and washing up. After Jesse and Samuel took their shower, we immediately brought them up into the car. By that time we got everyone into the car, its already 12.30 in the afternoon.

We took a quick drive home after a good and fun picnic :)


MommyAngel said...

It sounds like a great picnic your kids are having there :) I never really been to a picnic after giving birth to Angel .... maybe I should arrange one :)

MeRy said...

Great picnic with ur kids....So far, I never have a picnic with my boy yet.

slavemom said...

After all the fun, it was oni noon. Time well spent. :)

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