Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun at Jerudong Park Playground... Yes Again :)

Samuel & Jesse
Since the school holiday started, Jerudong Park Playground has been having lots of activities. Staying just behind this theme park is quite convenient for us to pop by and let our little ones have some fun.

This time, Jerudong Park Playground has some bouncers. Samuel, as always have been jumping up and down, loves to jump on daddy & mummy's bed. What more a bouncer. hehe. o_O

Samuel in the Air

Samuel Hugging Something
He had lots of fun on the bouncers.

Jesse was afraid of the bouncers but mummy managed to get her on it for a short while.

Jesse's all time favourite are still the swings and the slides.

Samuel on a big slide


MeRy said...

So fun.....both the kids are enjoying themself in the park playground.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, you have a beautiful family, and you and hubby look real nice.
Have fun and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

2ma said...

the park seems to be so empty??? anyway, the swings and slides look very new. its such a nice place for the kids!

slavemom said...

This park playgrd looks vy new n clean. Do u hv to pay to get in? The kids sure having a ball of a time.

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