Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Samuel & Jesse's Favourite Game

Recently, both Samuel and Jesse has a favourite game. Its called : Learn to share Fun Park Game (Noodleboro) by Playskool.

Its actually a board game of a Fun Theme Park with a dice and some reward cards. Both Samuel and Jesse has to take turns to play the game. We are surprised that Jesse, being 2 years old is also interested in playing this game with Samuel. :)


slavemom said...

The board game must be SUPER fun for Jesse. If my son, he'd be making a mess n disturbing us edi.

nicole said...

wa... the board game so nice!!!!!!! i have a board game b4, Jessica destroy it!!! (sign) , it too early to let her play.. i shld keep it

Health Freak Mommy said...

Jesse looked so cute in the last pic.

zmm said...

That's nice.. I haven't started board games with my kids yet.. maybe I should.

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