Monday, June 1, 2009

How to Teach a Child to Gargle?

More than a month ago, Jesse wanted to follow the way Samuel brushes his teeth, that is, gargling before and after brushing his teeth.

At the very begining when we started to teach her, we will put some drinking water into her cup. After brushing her teeth, she will drink the water and quickly throw the rest of the water from the cup into the sink. To her, this is how her kor kor (Samuel) did it :p

We kept telling her not to drink the water and take it out, but everytime she just drink and swallowed the water. I let her continue her way of gargling.

About a week ago, I saw her playing with water. She sipped some water but doesn't swallow it. She was walking around with her mouth full of water. That was the time I knew that she started to know how to put water in the mouth without swallowing it.

A few days ago, I got her to gargle after brushing her teeth, and now she is happily gargling after brushing her teeth without swallowing the water. :)


MeRy said...

Jesse is clever gal....I m yet to teach my boy hw to gargle.

mybabybay said...

My children learn it from watching Madagascar where the lion, zebra and giraffe drank sea water and spill it all out. Hehehe...

renet13 said...

Clever girl Jesse.

I could hardly remember when my litle Jasmine & Juliana & my twins knew how to gargle. I didnt teach them The process just came spontaneously & naturally with their milestone. Thk God!

slavemom said...

So now u can start to intro toothpaste to her, or hv u edi?

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