Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Melted Heart (To Angry or Not to Angry)

Yesterday evening, while I was surfing the internet, the kids were on our bed, Jesse picked up my handphone (which was on the bed). When she saw my handphone's wallpaper (it was a photo of Samuel & Jesse) she said kor kor and mei mei. After that, she threw my handphone. Good thing it hit the baby cot and landed on the cot.

I looked at Jesse and asked her why she threw my handphone. She kept quiet. I have to raise my voice at her and demanded her to pick up my handphone. Samuel then quickly came to me, hugged me and said "I love you, mummy". I looked at Jesse and when she looks like she didn't want to bring the phone to me, I raised my voice again. She picked up the phone but did not pass the phone to me. Again Samuel said "I love you, mummy". He then went to Jesse and took the phone for me.

I asked Jesse to stand at the corner but she hesitated. Samuel then brought her to the corner. While I was trying to fix back the phone's casing, Samuel was talking to Jesse. He also went to take her toys and gave them to her. I told him to stop disturbing her but he didn't listen. On and off, he asked her questions and took more toys for her.

As I was busy fixing the phone while Samuel kept disturbing her, I asked him to stand at the other corner. I need to seperate him from Jesse before she gets frustrated. After I fixed the phone, I looked at both of them. Then I took the camera and tried to take some photos. When Jesse saw me trying to take her photo, she came nearer to me. I show her my angry look and she stopped. I asked her to stand at the corner again so that I can take her photos :)

After the photos, I asked Samuel to give me a hug. Again he said "I love you". Then I got Jesse to say sorry to me. She then kissed me and smiled at me. How could I be angry with them :)


michelle said...

Samuel is such a caring brother. He also didn't want you to be angry, I guess that what the hug is for. :P

2ma said...

wat a loving kor kor!!!

slavemom said...

Wat a good boy! He din want u to be angry at Jesse. Then he entertained Jesse so that she doesn't disturb u while u repair u h/p.

renet13 said...

what a Happy corner standing after all hoh?

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