Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Samuel's Friends

We invited Samuel's friends over to our house again last weekend. He has been very eager and excited having friends coming over to our house. Last Monday, he told me that he has invited 5 of his classmates over to our house. According to him, when the teacher was not around, he asked them "who want to come to our house?" and 5 of them put their hands up. Yes, they raised their hands! Looks like he is more talkative in class now.

We did not managed to get any of the 5 children to come to our house, instead I've invited one of his ex classmate to our house with his sister, who is currently Samuel's classmate. We set up the small pool again and everyone had fun playing in the pool. I guess all children likes water :)

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Agnes Khoo said...

Wow! I also want to join them! Hahaha! Samuel getting handsome now, so attractive!

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