Friday, August 1, 2008

Temporary Maid

Since our maid left, we have a live-in temporary maid who helps us with the kids and housework. I must say that she is a good helper. She can do the housework well, cooks well and my children loves her. She is good IF only she wants to be good.

She was with us since 14th April. When she first came, she was very hardworking. She works from 5am till 11pm everyday. After a month, she is not so hardworking anymore. Well, we can't blame her as there are really alot of things for her to do. Besides looking after the children, she has to cook for the children and the family and there are lots of housework waiting for her.

She can be very ignorance at times. She doesn't answer you when you call for her. Things got worsen when we came back from holiday, a month ago. While we were away, we sent her back to the agent.

When we came back from KL, she started to wonder around the garage and the garden every morning and afternoon. Every morning, I have to go out of the house to look for her.

Initially she carries a broom when she goes out of the house but she never sweeps anything. The broom that she brings along with her is just for "show". Even after we told her that she does not need to sweep the compound, she is still out of the house every morning looking at our neighbours. It is obvious that the reason she is out of the house is not to sweep the compound, but to wonder around. At many occassion I can't find her in our garden although she said she was there. Yes, I admit the garden is huge but no matter how big the compound is, I don't think I can miss her if she is there. We are still very curious where she has been every time she is nowhere to be found.

One Sunday when we came back from church, she was not at home or in our garden. When she came home, she had the smell of perfume and was wearing "going out" clothes. Although we were very unhappy, we did not mention a single word. We did not question her as we know she is only our temporary maid.

Since we have confirmed our maid and waiting for the processes, we have to be very patience with this temporary maid. We do not want to get another temporary maid as we know we only need the temp maid for the next few weeks. We do not want the children to keep adapting to a different maid.

Our maid finally arrived Brunei on the 25th July. She is currently staying in the agent's house for training, for at least a week. We will be away for another week and requested the trainer to train our maid more thoroughly.

We pray that the maid has the patience to look after our children especially Jesse who is super cranky most of the time.


Mummy to QiQi said...

yeah..most of them tend to be good only temporary. thats y good to be really strict with them from the very beginning otherwise they will climb over our head. luckily this one is only a temp maid!

renet13 said...

whether they are permanent or temporary; whether they are efficient or not, whether they are super good and capable like mine...learn from my mistake NEVER TRUST THEM no matter how nice or good they are to our kids.Afterall they are just an outsider from a foreign country coming to make a living not to make our life! Sorry for being so prejudice but the experience recently of me with my betrayer amid was too painful!

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