Thursday, November 6, 2008

Clean Up

Most of the time, we do not ask the kids to clean up after playing. Only occassionally, I will ask them to do it because they will take their own sweet time clearing up all the toys. Usually its either meal or nap/sleep time. So, instead of them or us, it will be the maid who is clearing and cleaning up all the toys.

Unless, I find it it is necessary to clear up all the toys before they finish playing with it. And this is usually the case when they keep throwing all the balls out of the play area. Few years ago, we filled the playarea with 400 coloured plastic balls but I have no idea how many balls are now left in the play area.

We have a playarea in the living room downstairs. Most of the time they are at the 2nd living room upstairs. They will only come downstairs in the evening when we are around.

Their usual evening routine is driving around the living room in their car or jeep. They will go round and round as if they were chasing each other and they will keep shouting and screaming. When they go round and round screaming, its like a police car's siren. After they are bored with the cars, they will go to the play area and play with their bouncing balls. Either that or they will play with all the balls in the play area. They will throw all the balls everywhere.

Usually when the living room is full of balls, I will start to make them put all the balls back. I tried everyday asking them not to throw the balls but they just wouldn't listen. They not only find it fun throwing the balls, they also love picking up the balls.

This is their evening routine and usually before bed we have to either shower them again or wipe them because they sweat alot after playing.


slavemom said...

It's good that they're willing to keep the balls after making a mess. I can get my girl to clean up but my boy totally ignores me. :|

Serene said...

ALicia, a tag for you. Come pick it up when u free.

MeRy said...

Its a good practise that they are willing to keep all the balls after playing with it. How much u bought the boundary for the play area?? I saw it from the picture...Where do u bought it?

Mummy to QiQi said...

wah Alicia, your hse macam playground ler...

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