Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Facts Denial - Part II

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Last week, I got a shocked to see the IDD phone listing. Not only she has been using our phone without our knowledge, she has attempted to make calls while Jesse was awake (leaving her alone). Usually we leave the house at 745am while Jesse is already awake. She will only nap at 930am to 1130am.

Because the bill was sent to my office, I did not confront her immediately. Instead, I called daddy and discussed it with him. She knew it very well that, should she lie to us, we will send her back to Indonesia. So, what do you think she is up to?

First thing we did was to cancel the IDD line. As for the local calls, I really have no idea who she contacted. It is not because of that few cents, we are more concerned on the people that she is in contact with. We were thinking to get the local call listing from TelBru to find out who she has she called.

When I came back during lunch hour, I talked to her. I asked her to think carefully before answering. I asked if she has tried to call Indonesia during the day when we were not at home. Within a second, without even thinking, she said NO. I asked her again and again to think and if she lied, her God will know. She DENIED and started crying.

The drama has started! She cried and ask us to send her back to agent immediately. She doesn't want to work with us. She said she did not make any calls but the phone bill kept appearing in the IDD calls. She made us felt as if we accused her for making the calls. Both of us were really furious.

Daddy told her that we will not send her back to agent because she still owe us $900. Every month we will deduct $200 from her salary as a repayment of loan. She likes it or not, she still needs to work for another 4 months. Infact, at that point in time, I really felt like sending her back, but we can't, we need to plan before hand. If she really hurt the kids we will DEFINITELY send her back immediately.

We were angry not because she used the phone during the day. We really do not understand the reasons of her denial and she sounded as if we acussed her. What she did was wrong and yet she asked us to send her back to agent (as if she wanted to quit on us because we accused her).

After that she agreed that she will leave on the 8th month, we left her alone.

After a while, she told me that she doesn't want to send the money back to kampung. She has changed her mind. A week ago, she told me that she wanted to send the money back to her family in January. Initially I thought that she doesn't want her balance salary because she wanna leave earlier, so she will use her balance salary to repay her loan. I was wrong. She said she wants to hold her money. Do you think that she wants her money so that she can runaway (without her passport) anytime?

I told her to talk to daddy about her salary. I told her that if she is so concern about her money why does she want to leave after 4 months. If she goes back to agent, she needs to pay agent 1 month of her salary as a penalty.

It takes her 7.5 months for her to repay us the loan and another month as a penalty to the agent. On the 9th month only she will get her full pay. She started crying and asked me where can she go then? Another soap opera started again!

We were standing while we talked and when she started to cry she sat down. She cried so pitifully saying that we have been so nice to her and she doesn't know how to appreciate us. So many nice things. She felt "malu" to be working for us... bla bla bla.....Then...... she was on bended knee asking me to forgive her. She hold my hands and said sorry. I can give her the best drama queen award of the year!

She promised that she will not request us to send her back to agent and she will continue to work for us. If needed to, we will send her back to Indonesia instead of agent. I told her that forget about the whole incident and in future, if she wanted to make calls, do let us know.

I thought she said sorry because she lied and indirectly telling us that she had make calls without our knowledge. I was soooo WRONG.........


2ma said...

hi, this is my first visit to your blog.

somehow, i always hear the same old kind of scenario for all maids. i think before they leave indonesia, they attended a sharing session on how to respond to your employer if such & such scenario happens to you! *haha*

huisia said...

but you dare to let her take care of Jesse alone at home?? i think maybe you can consider those hidden camera, aiyo, this maid so scary la..

mybabybay said...

Now I would be extra careful with her. Not sure whether it is a good idea to leave the children with her.

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