Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is Samuel Gifted or Talented in Music ?

All the while daddy has been telling mummy that Samuel is a musician. The main reason daddy feels that he is a musician is because of his fear of loud sounds (Sensitive to sounds). Most musician wants perfect tone and sound. But I have never taken daddy seriously as I'm more concerned about his condition than him being a musician.

We sent him to Kindermusik when he was 2.5 years old but it was so stressful for us. He was there for a term and he cried every lesson. It was so stressful for us. When the class starts he starts to cry. He was very shy and did not dare to have eye contacts.

When he was 3+, we brought him for a trial class and then decided to enroll him into Expression Music School. They have their own syllabus for ages 3-4, Expression Music Genius (EMG). It is a 44weeks program. During the 1 hour lessons, not only they learn music and singing, they also learn cutting and pasting (artwork). They even have a playarea and a slide for them to play during their classes.

Daddy wanted him to start to learn instruments and since his program is going to end this week, we thought of stopping him and enrolling him into Yamaha Music School.

Last Saturday, daddy went and pick Samuel from his music class after his physiotherapy. Daddy was there before the lesson ended. The receptionist told daddy that Samuel has perfect pitch. He was very shy but he got all the tone right. Daddy was not very convinced until the teacher came to him even before the class is over to tell daddy that Samuel has perfect pitch!

They were very happy that Samuel has perfect pitch. He is the first who got perfect pitch in the music school at age 4. Now that they have made daddy so happy, he has 2nd thoughts of stopping him from the school and let him continue with the next program and at the same time send him to Yamaha. *drop jaw*

Sister in law is actually gifted in music but only found out when she was 16. I wonder if Samuel is just memorising the tone or he is actually talented. Anyway, from the bottom of our hearts, we wanna say that, we are really proud of Samuel! Once again, he made us so proud of him!

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mybabybay said...

He may be the future malaysian idol with perfect pitch!

Emily is attending the Yamaha JMC, it has a mixture of singing and playing musical instrument. The only thing is Emily is very lazy in practicing her keyboard.

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