Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Daddy (Pain in the Neck)

Because of this daddy was in pain. Before he tried to re-adjust the pool, he has complaint that his neck and shoulder were in pain. Right after doing this, daddy had difficulties moving his neck at all.

Daddy went to Jag therapy on a Saturday afternoon while I dropped Samuel to his music class before I headed with Jesse to her Kindermusik class. Jag said that if he left his condition for the next 2-3days, he would have bed rested for 2 weeks. His condition was really bad. He has seriously torn his neck muscles. It was caused by a great impact of pulling. Jag thought that he had a car accident recently that could have cause this great impact.

He was much better after his therapy but in the evening, his pain came back. He had difficulties in moving and sleeping at night (even after taking pain killers). His pain was unbearable.

The next morning, before we went to church, we went to Jag therapy again for his 2nd treatment. He feels better and he immediately he could move his head again. Jag asked him to go back again the next day as he needs to teach him to do some exercises and for 3rd treatment.


Daddy said...

Hei. Got to be careful when lifting and pulling heavy stuff leh. We are not young anymore. Bones and ligaments are cracking liow...Ask him to take it easy and have a good rest. I've recently hurt my back muscle too, trying to retrieve my wife's wedding ring from a very very tight spot. Had to go to the Chinese sinsei..

mybabybay said...

Hahahaha..when I read the title, I thot it is a figure of speech.

Hope he has a speedy recovery. Maybe he needs consistent exercise to loosen the muscles around the neck after he has fully recover.

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