Friday, November 28, 2008

Facts Denial - Part III

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The next day, I showed her the phone bill. She looked shocked and surprised and DENIED that she made any calls (Even when the Indonesian calls are her husband's number). She saw the listing and said that those time when the calls were made, Jesse was awake. She don't have time to make calls. Instead, she received calls from her hubby but she told her hubby not to call in the morning. She LIED by saying its her hubby who calls and is listed in the bill. Therefore, she now has to pay twice. She also made a fuss saying that if that's the case, she needs to pay for the bill and she doesn't have much money left. I asked her, if she needs to pay if her hubby calls, why the listing only show day calls? Why is it that night calls were not listed as she received many calls from her hubby at night.

Infact, 2 days before we confronted her, she made a call back to Indonesia during the day. I asked her if she made any call during the day, she DENIED. I asked her a few times and she denied. I also asked about the local calls and of course she denied. She said why does she wanna call the agent. Is either she heard me wrongly or she thought the agent number was listed in the bill. We suspected that she has been calling the agent.

She is either "less intelligent" or she thinks that we are stupid enough to believe her. Infact, at one point, I believed her. I thought it was some reverse charged calls. But daddy doesn't believe her. The listing of calls are "International Calls Made". Daddy told her that we have camera installed in the house and we saw her pressing the phone. She still denied.

At night, I pressed on the redial button on our phone. Because we never make any calls from our house phone, the last numbers dialed by her was still recorded in the phone. It was an IDD call that dials to Indonesia. It can't get through because I have disconnected our IDD line.

Daddy and i then discussed about her attitude. She can lie to us on this small matter, she can lie to us anytime. We are not comfortable of her lying to us when we needed her to help us look after the kids when we were working.

Daddy then talked to her. He asked why does she want to lie when we already have evidence that she made calls during the day. Not only the phone bill, but her video that we have captured when she used our phone. Daddy asked if she wants us to show her the video on our TV? Immediately she admitted that she made those calls.

Daddy told her that we know that she has been lying down on Jesse's mattress when she was looking after the kids. She was shocked. Yes, we really do have CCTV cameras installed in our house. We do not 100% trust her from the beginning but I trusted that she should know what she should do. That is why we never on the camera when we go to work. But because of this incident, we have to turn on the CCTV cameras when she is with the kid(s) alone.

I think only after daddy told her that we know she lie down on Jesse's mattress she started to believe we have camera installed. She admitted that she used the phone during daytime but she said that the phone NEVER got through. Another LIE. Some of the calls appear too long than not being able to get through.

Daddy explained to her that we trusted her and do not expect her to lie to us. (Be it big or small matters). Daddy also told her that if she continue to lie to us, it will only make us not trust her. How would we be able to trust her with our little ones. She understood and apologized for lying and told us that she will not repeat it again.

Whether or not it is an inborn reflex for the fear of being scolded or not. A mistake is a mistake. We accept the fact that people makes mistakes but we just can't understand why lie and make a drama out of it.

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Mummy to QiQi said...

just exactly like my maid. so stupid to lie since we already know the truth. dono to describe them as stupid or what....GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

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