Thursday, November 13, 2008

Concert Costume

Samuel's school will be having year end concert soon. Last year, we need to tailor make his Korean custome as he was presenting a Korean song.

This year, he is presenting a P. Ramlee song, Bunyi Guitar. We need to get him a black vest with white lines, white long shirt, black long pants, black tie, surban (red hat that looks like a slimmer version of a songkok with some strings on the top) and a wooden guitar. We found something which is closest to what they required at a very reasonable price, around $25. It comes with a coat, white long shirt, black vest and pants and a coloured tie.

Since they required black white line vest and black tie, we went to tailor to have his tie tailored made. At the same time, we alter his pants because it was too long. This costed us another $10. We thought of just drawing his vest with white marker instead of buying him another vest. Thank God, one of the parents offered to lend her girl's guitar to Samuel.

We brought his costume to school a week ago, as requested. The teacher said its alright with the vest, they accepted black vest. They also accepted the coloured tie! Other parents who are requested to get the same custome for their child bought the same suit of attire did not bother about the black tie. We being the "obedient" parents try to oblige to their requirements. Since other children are using coloured tie, we will have to put aside his black tie.

As for the surban, one of the parents got it from Dubai! We need to order from him to get this surban which will only be used once.

Alot of parents have been complaining about this year end concert because all the children needs to buy required costume, which cost quite a lot and will only be used once.


mybabybay said...

Hey he looks like daddy. Yeah every year I have to spend on my children costumes for concert.

renet13 said...

i guess it's common for many bloggers to b posting on their kids' year end concert around this time of the year. my 4 kids just had theirs last night. It was really a KISS (kept it simple & sweet). will post about it later.
P.S Samuel so leng chai(more so than P.Ramlee)

slavemom said...

He looks so smart in that suit. But really troublesome for parents to look for the costume themselves. Luckily my girl's kindy took care of the costumes, we jes hv to pay (not vy costly, too).

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