Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Swimming Pool

We bought a new easy set up swimming pool for the family especially the kids. The pool is 12' x 36" in size and the accessories that comes with it were the pool ladder, a water filter/ pump, water heater, pool cover, pool cleaner (Vacuum/Brush/Filter), seive with its long extended pole, chlorine, pool thermometer, chorine/PH/Acidity Level Tester and Water Filter Refills.

It was actually very easy to setup IF you follow the instructions. Daddy tried to read the instructions and set it up on Friday evening. After 2-3 hours of filling the pool with water, our water tank started to dry. Since it was already late, we decided to continue the next day.

Sandy Water (the black patches everywhere)

The next morning, I got a shocked to see the water fill with sand! The water that we used to cook and drink was actually filled with sand. I can't believe it was so sandy. No wonder the seller said we need to filter it for 24hours.

We continued filling up with water before we left home to send Samuel to school. When we came home, we noticed the pool was not properly setup. The water almost spilled from one side of the pool.

The pool was filled with water. It was at least 1.5' deep although we are expecting 3'. It was very difficult to adjust the pool which is already filled with water. The reason it does not get to the correct position is because during the setup, daddy did not really flatten the base properly.

The "wrinkle"

So what we did was, we tried to pull the "wrinkle" from the base of the pool to the side, then pull the side forward, back to the correct position. It was not easy! It was really really difficult as the pool was filled with water.

Before daddy started with the mission, daddy had neck and shoulder pain. But he wanted continue with the setup of the pool. Daddy tried to pull the base and re-adjust it back for more than 1 hour. It was much better and we could at least have 2" deep pool. We left the water and filter running before we left to pick Samuel from school.

I'm sure the next time we setup the pool, it will be easier for us cause we learnt from our mistakes.


Mummy to QiQi said...

u both really invest a lot for your children nice if u stay next door!

chooi peng said...

that is a huge pool!!! agreed to CN, how nice if u stay next door!!!

Sabrina said...

I like the pool. But really need a big space for it.

kien theng said...

this is sold for 99 AUD here!!

Alvin said...

kien theng,

can u buy us a bigger pool from australia and bring it over for us? i'll give u back the money... hehe.. 99AUD is very cheap.. and now B$ is higher than AUD somemore.. hehe..

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