Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Feeding Her Buddies

Jesse has started to show us her tantrum these days. A little frustration, she will start to scream or shout. I hope this is not the beginning of Terrible Two.

She likes to say No at many occassions. Everything is a No to her and it is pretty cute to see her says no and keep shaking her head. If we take the thing shes holding off her, she will say No and hug the thing tight.

She also likes to play pretend. She loves holding a cup (her cooking toy tea cup) and ask us to drink, and she will make the slurppp sound. She also likes to feed us and she will make the yum yum sound.

Yesterday night, she refuses to lie down as she wanted to feed her bed buddies. Her yesterday bed buddies were Elmo and Barney. I managed to capture some of her photos of Jesse while feeding them.

Making a drink for her buddies

Feeding her buddies

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mybabybay said...

Tell her that her buddies need to sleep.

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