Monday, November 24, 2008

Facts Denial - Part I

Sometime 3rd week of September, I received August house phone bill and found out that my maid has been using our phone to call Indonesia without our knowledge. Besides International calls, she also made some local calls. Only she knows where she has been calling.

We never used our house phone to call anyone. The bill includes mobile calls (she used to call me), landline in Bandar-Muara and Tutong-KB districts and her Indonesia calls. She denied making any calls. When we confronted her she said she NEVER made any personal calls but she will pay for the Indonesia calls. It was not because of the money. We need to know who has she been calling locally. She kept denying and we threatened her that we will ask for the phone listing and should we find out that it was her who made the calls, we will send her back to Indonesia immediately.

After a long conversation, she admitted that she tried to make A local call. Yes, 1 time only and when the other party said no such person she never attempted to make other calls. How can we believe her when the phone bill listed 2 different districts when she only made 1 call. And based on the cost of the calls, she has at least made few calls or spoken on the phone for at least 10 minutes.

We told her very clearly that should she try to make calls without our knowledge, we will send her back to Indonesia immediately. We will not restrict her from calling but she needs to inform us before using the phone. She acknowledged what I have told her BUT she doesn't follow our instructions.

A week later, she made calls to Indonesia AGAIN without informing us.


mybabybay said...

I would disable the IDD on your phone since you never use it to call overseas.

renet13 said...

when they are dishonest..there's nthing much v can do. My ex maid knws that any itemised Indon calls, she wud b billed. So instead she conned my mum in lay into buying her the phone card which v oni discovered after she left us. My mum in law has dementia & always denies buying for her. Again this aliens cant be trusted no matter what. if she already got contacts all over, i assure u she will just cheat u & leave worse is when she takes along your kids. Lucky mine didnt take my youngest dotter along. Praise God.

Mummy to QiQi said...

this is wat i m worried about :(i oso warned my maid, as she jst received letter from her hb asking her to call back. Acc to hb, can disable d international call wor...

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