Friday, November 28, 2008

Year End Concert

We attended Samuel's school year end concert last Saturday, 22nd November 2008. As per schedule, the concert will start at 2pm and students need to be there at 115pm. We were there at about 110pm and it was already very crowded. We managed to grab our seats at the front row at the side of the stage.

The concert started 5m earlier than expected. The school was incorporated 3 years ago and because Montessori course was a 3 years program, this was the 1st graduation year with only 6 students graduating. The concert theme was blast to the past.

When it was Samuel's turn to present, I was very disspointed to see Samuel not properly dressed. When he was on stage, his tie was not properly put on and his shirt was not tuck in. As I was sitting at the front row, I would have walk to him and dress him before they started. But because I was carrying Jesse and daddy was holding 2 cameras, it was not convenient for us to walk to him.

Before the grand finale, I dress him up properly. Jesse was very excited to see her kor kor. As he was standing below the stage together with all the students during the finale, Jesse went to kor kor and hug him. She also join them in the finale dance. The concert ended 30m earlier than expected.

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