Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alicia Blogging on behalf

Since Alvin is not free to blog, I will now take over the role of blogging. I should have more time than him. Well, it is not that I have more time than him since everyone has 24hours a day. Maybe is because he is doing alot for the family - send and pick Samuel from school, Art class and music class, cook lunch and dinner for family, looking after the children at night, bathing the children, etc....

Not only he has been a daddy to the children, he has also taken the role of a mummy!! Oh gosh, so what have i been doing all these while?? I can truely say that I am very blessed with a good husband. He has been taking good care of me and the children.

Since most of the time he is doing what I am suppose to do, I have my time to do the things I wanted to do. One of the things that both of us want is to blog about the family. We would like to remember the things that has happened to our lives before we forget.

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