Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Samuel Sleeps On His Own

Samuel has been sleeping on his own 1 month before he turns 3. It has been 9 months he sleeps on his room. We are very glad and happy that he is able to sleep on his own every night.

We decided to let him sleep by himself before we shifted to the new house. We painted his room blue, 2 tones. Before we shifted, we brought him to the house every weekend and keep reminding him of his new blue room.

Every night, we bring him to his room at 9ish. He will request for stories before his milk. Before he sleeps, we will brush his teeth and say a prayer. Then we will just leave him alone in his room. Usually within 5-10m he will dose off.

He adapts it very well and be able to sleep on his own except when it is raining heavily. He will cry and shout for mummy. Mummy will accompany him to sleep when he is afraid or when he is sick as mummy needs to monitor him.

His room is just next to our room and both the room's doors are not closed every night. He has been very good by sleeping on his own without anyone sleeping next to him BUT he used to wake up for milk. He wakes up not once or twice. Sometimes up to 4-5x a night. He will either shout for milk or to pee. During those days, most of the time daddy have to wake up middle of the nights to either feed him milk or to bring him to toilet.

Besides looking after Jesse, who is also used to waking up 3-4 x a night, mummy and daddy have to look after Samuel who is sleeping next door and keep drinking non stop. This was when both of them have made daddy and mummy extremely tired.

Since we shifted to this house, mummy notices everyone in the family fall sick easily. I think the main reason was because we were lack of sleep. This is when mummy decided to wean off Samuel on drinking at night. After 2 weeks of "trainning" he stops drinking. Now everyone of us are happy. Samuel sleeps through. Daddy no longer need to go to his room to make milk except if he wants to pee. Mummy can also have good sleep. Yipee....


Anonymous said...

Alvin & Alicia,

So happy for both of you. Both your angels are so cute & pretty. Reading your blogs makes me want to start my family fast too. But for now I will continue reading :P

May be I will learn a few tips from you guys.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, at 3+ yo, Samuel still drinks milk at night? Very good appetite eh? Shd really wean him off night drinking, it will surely drain you and hubby out.

alicia said...

Thank u 4 dropping by and pls continue to do so...
yes!! fast fast have bb... hehehe..

yalo so teruk leh my son... i reli "beh tahan".. not onli my son but oso my hubby who is over protective over the children... scared they r in hunger woh...

Alvin said...

Hi Bethany,

Dont just read la... we're waiting to see photos of Little Binhs and Little Beths.. hehehe..

kangta164 said...

Wow...seems tiring. Good parenting tips by the way. Something that might come in handy for me in the future...but definitely not so soon yet. Hahaha!

huisia said...

you bought a house there?
My Jo still sleep with us.

alicia said...

tks for dropping by and pls continue to do so hehe...
planning to start a family soon? hehehe

hui sia,
no la foreigner not allow to buy property here.... rented house

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