Sunday, March 23, 2008

Giant Is Here

Giant is finally here. The opening was yesterday, 22-03-2008. Initially we plan to go there. Daddy passed by the highway leading to Giant yesterday at 930am and it was jammed. There were cars parked all the way from the highway. At least 2-3km to Giant! I think they have nothing to do and willing to walk all the way to Giant from highway. But I decided to change plan since I do not want to stress myself caught in the jam.

This morning, while going to church, we passed by the highway and the road leading to Giant was as cleared. We were abit surprise. Never thought 2nd day already cleared. LOL.

After church, we send the children back to take some rest while daddy and mummy head to Giant. Hehehe... The queue was there but not as bad as yesterday. We managed to find a parking within 10m after 15m of jammed.

It was packed. We felt that we were in KL. But we do not need to wait to make payment. There are at least 60 payment counters. First time in my life I have seen so many payment terminals.

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