Thursday, March 20, 2008

Keep or Cut ?

The Front

The Side

The Back

Jesse was born with thick and curly hair. We brought her once to barber, few days before she turns 10 months old, to trim her fringe and layer her hair when Samuel went for his hair cut.

Her hair is now very long. Daddy loves her hair and could like to keep her hair long. As she sweat alot, I think she feels better in short hair. What do you think? To keep or to cut?


huisia said...

keep..girl looks nicer with long hair :)

how i wish i can have a girl, she looks so pretty and cute!

Alvin Thoo said...

hui sia,
i also sayang her hair but sometimes very messy leh....

Mummy to QiQi said...

i personally prefer shoulder length for my girl. Less messy but still look feminine. But some lil gals look cute with long hair...

alicia said...

qiqi mummy,
yalo hoh shoulder length still look pretty ma ... just like ur qiqi :)

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