Sunday, March 30, 2008

Samuel @ 44 months

Samuel turns 44 months old a couple of days ago. I can’t imagine how times flies. In a blink of eye he will be 4. I will briefly update on his physical and mental development.

- height = 104.5 cm
- weight = 15.9 kg
- started to pick up on appetite; 1 morning snack and 2 meals (lunch & dinner)
- drinks 3 times a day; 8oz in the morning, 6oz after lunch, 8oz before bedtime
- love to read, write, draw, colour and tracing
- good at tracing, able to write 1-9 and most alphabeth
- can draw but most of the time, no one knows what he is drawing
- love to create stories and names
- fear of loud noises/sounds –eg. balloon burst, flash toilet, drilling sound etc..
- can be nice at times and can also be unkind to Jesse
- likes to imitate what Jesse does
- loves to sing and play music
- prefers mummy than daddy

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