Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our Maids - Part I

It has never been easy for us since we have no relatives/ other family members who stay with us or stay in the same country with us. We have to rely on the maid alot to look after Samuel and Jesse. Our new maid, being the 4th full time maid for the past 3.5 years, has just joined us for the past 2 weeks.

Our very 1st maid is a Fillipino. Alvin thinks she is the most capable among all. She has done a very good job in looking after the house and Samuel. She does most all the work- cleaning the house, car, laundry, cooking... She was with us since Samuel was less than 3 months. She wanted to leave us right after we celebrated Samuel's 1st Birthday. Reason being, she found out her husband in Phillipines has another woman. I told her that we can only let her go after we got a replacement. She was crying and trying to threaten us. She said that she can't work properly and can't look after Samuel as shes very emotional. At that moment, she really looks like a crazy woman. Alvin lost confident in her and we decided to sent her back the next day.

We were very disapointed with her. We were nice to her. She gets every Sunday off. Sometimes shes off on Saturday evening and stays over night in her friend's house. We brings her out most of our outings. She has the freedom to go in and out of the house when we go for holidays. She is off to bed before 9pm. She only serves 2 adults and 1 baby. She only look after Samuel from 8am to 4pm. Usually, I will rush home from work at 330pm to look after him. We allowed her to on the air cond when she goes to bed. Yes, the maid's room has an air conditioner! We have treated her as part of our family but she doesn't know how to appreciate it.

A month later, our neigbhour's driver saw her in town. According to him, she has divorced her husband and she came back to look for job. None of my friends believe that her husband has another woman. All of them think that she is lying. I never have doubt in her when she first told me about it. But when I think about it again, maybe I was wrong. What do you think?

After we decided to send her back, we have to act immediately. be continued

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