Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hong Kong Trip - Day 2

The next morning, daddy friend's, Loke, brought us to eat dim sum. Initially, we thought in order to have dim sum in the morning, we might need to be in a long queue to get a table/seat... but to our surprise, the moment we went to the restaurant, we got a table.. just perfect :)

Besides the comfort of a nice restaurant (they have a huge aquarium with lots of big fishes - Samuel's favourite), we noticed that we were the youngest customers in the whole restaurant. hehe. Most of the customers looks like grandpas and grandmas.

The dim sum was good. Thanks, Uncle Loke.

Daddy and Uncle Loke

After our good dim sum, Uncle Loke brought us Times Square to see lots of Christmas Trees. Uncle Loke had to go to work.

We went to a very special place called "Ocean Park". It was so exciting. Daddy and Mummy took lots of photos. We took photo with a Dolphin, Shark and Turtle. There were lots of hot air balloons too. Daddy did not allow us to go up a big big hot air balloon because it goes up very very high.

Mummy & Samuel at Ocean Park

Family Photo With Shark Mascot

Mummy & Samuel on Panda rides

After we sat on the train, we went to a carousel (merry-go-round). There were lots and lots of pandas. We sat on the pandas that goes round and round.

Samuel got a chance to play with slides and bouncers and lots of other rides with Daddy and Mummy.

We finally went up on a hot air balloon (fairy's wheel) hehe. :) Mummy was scared.

Daddy and Samuel went on a very scary ride. "The Frog Hopper" Samuel was laughing on the ride.

Daddy and Mummy brought Samuel and Jesse to see panda in an aquarium. There were 4 pandas.

We had to take a cable car to go to the other side of Ocean Park. It was scary... :p

We saw Sealions at the Pacific Pier, Ocean Park.

Jesse in the cable car

Daddy & Jesse at Pacific Pier

Samuel & Sealion

Daddy and Mummy brought us into a big big room that has many many aquariums. The place is so big that i can not find the way to the last aquarium. Samuel finds this place a little too big that it actually never ends, he almost fell asleep while we walked all the way to the end of the underwater world... :)

After that, we were all tired we went back to our hotel, Park Lane Hotel in Causeway Bay. Showered, refreshed and rested, we then went to the bus station to look for Uncle Loke.

Uncle Loke brought us into a double decker bus! Yay! We went upstairs of the double decker bus and we went to Victoria Peak. It was so cold there.

Daddy, Mummy, Samuel & Jesse at Sky Tower

We went to the Peak Tower and all the way to the top, the Sky Tower. There we could see the night view of Hong Kong. There, Samuel and Mummy took a photo of a Santa Claus too.

Samuel posing in front of christmas tree & santa

After that, we visited The Madame Tussauds, took some photos and here is where we had some fun. Samuel has his first wax hand figure made here in Madame Tussauds. We, Daddy Mummy Samuel and Jesse also made a 3D crystal of our family. It was awesome!

Daddy & Bruce Lee

Mummy & Kelly Chen

3D Family Photo

Samuel's wax fingers

Uncle Loke then brought us to a very nice chinese restaurant and we ate a special dish that was highly recommended by Uncle Loke. It was very tasty. Thanks Uncle Loke.

While we were eating, we saw a very long queue outside the restaurant. It seems the road downhill has been closed due to a fallen tree. Everyone has to take the tram down.

We took the tram downhill and took a taxi back to the hotel. :)


Mummy to QiQi said...

alicia, you are such a pretty young mum!

alicia said...

qiqi mummy,
aiyoyo... tonite no need to sleep liao :p

blacksnail said...

wah... you 2 are excellent parents, young parents seldom bring young children to travel now.

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