Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jesse @ 14months

Woh.... she is now 14 months. It seems like yesterday I hold her in my arm (yes with one arm) and now shes walking!!! When daddy posted her first photo it was when she was just a newborn baby. That also shows that we are getting older.....

Jesse has been attending Kindermusic since month 5. At that time, she still can't sit and now shes walking. By attending Kindermusic, it allow us to bond with her more.

She just turn 14 months a couple of days ago. She walks very well and has been trying to jump a month ago. She loves to dance.

With Jesse around, it is a drastic change for both of us.
1. We have to rely more on the maid
2. More sleepless nights
3. Not much personal time
4. Extra financial burden

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